Hot & Spicy
Price May Change without Notice

Lunch Specials

Monday - Saturday Till 3:00 pm
Served with(White Rice, Brown Rice or Fried Rice, Except L1 & L2) and Can of Soda

L1. Sliced Chicken Fried Rice 6.95
L2. Roast Pork Fried Rice 6.95
L3. Steamed Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables 6.95
spicy L4. General Tso's Chicken 6.95
L5. Sesame Chicken 6.95
L6. Sweet & Sour Chicken 6.95
spicy L7. Thai Red Curry Chicken 6.95
L8. Chicken Teriyaki 6.95
L9. Beef Teriyaki 6.95
L10. Salmon Teriyaki 6.95
L11. Hibachi Chicken 6.95
L12. Hibachi Beef 6.95